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Hahah stupid boss...

So this was just far too amazing today that I had to post it here and then blog about it later....

Work today:  boss says, oh I bet you didn't do that project I assigned did you?  I point to her desk where it is placed....and say...been there since last tuesday....

Then, my dad stops by completely randomly since he was in town.  I introduce him to a few in the office, and my boss is frustrated because for some reason she is trying to use Microsoft WORKS....yeah...the '97 version.  My dad casually notes, yeah because your program should be in the garbage about 10 years ago, not on your hard drive, gives me a hug, and heads out.  I love my father.

Hope everyone is getting ready for the weekend, I am sure lots of exciting plans abound knowing all of you....

Oh and special props to ponyjoe for her wicked grocery haul.

Also, katie_keysburg , I may be doing dl with my trainer tomorrow, I haven't done them since High School, wish me luck :)

For short reference....here is my 'before' that I want to get back to....


New Blogspot post!

New post on my personal blog: http://cdjfromheretotomorrow.blogspot.com/

Go forth and comment! Please!!

New post

Food before gym in the evening

So, this week is the week prior to my sping break which means major projects and such to be turned in which also equals no sleep/workout on tues and wed. However, tonight I am going a couple hours before they close because most have already left for break. Anyhow, I have always been a morning workout person, I know exactaly what I need to eat and drink before I go in the morning. However, going to work out a couple hours past my regular dinner time, I do not want to be too full or overwork myself and get sick. So, should I snack before and have a late dinner? Or dinner as usual and work hard anyway?

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Also, a sports store by me was having this sale, buy one pair shorts for 11.99 get one for a penny. Yay for some new workout gear!!

Progress, and a question.

Re-introducing and such

So I joined a long while back, lurked, then went MIA. Well now I am back with a vengance (against my weight and my waistline anyway)! So, with pictures to curb your boredom and make you smile on a Friday night

Onward to all about me! Also a very unflattering picture in part for motivation, and another one to make you all giggle!Collapse )



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